NJ Wealth - Financial Products Distributors Network

NJ Wealth - Financial Products Distributors Network is one of India's leading and most successful network of distributors in the financial services industry.

Started in 2003, the NJ Wealth seeks to reach out to the common man and extend the opportunity to create wealth through an empowered network of financial product distributors – the NJ Wealth Partners. To its Partners, NJ Wealth provides a full service, comprehensive business platform with end-to-end solutions critical for success in financial products distribution practice. With its compelling set of offerings covering every area of distribution practice, NJ Wealth has managed to successfully transform the lives of many small and big distributors.

To the common man, NJ Wealth offers a comprehensive wealth management platform with a wide choice of financial and non-financial products. Backed by high levels of excellence in operational and service standards, NJ Wealth offers customers and its Partners with solutions that truly makes a difference.

Driven by the strong vision of 'Creating Wealth and Transforming Lives', NJ Wealth's constant endeavour is to build on the ideas that are meaningful & effective in scaling business challenges, seizing available opportunities and serving the interests of the customer.

The NJ Wealth family has grown steadily and today it has over 23,377 Active Distributors, spread across 95 branches in 19 states in India with over 19,77,172 investors and over INR 1,19,190 Cr of mutual fund assets under management. Irrespective of the numbers though, it is trust in us which fuels the passion for creating solutions with excellence that touch many lives, day after day.

The key offerings of the NJ Wealth Distributor platform is briefly mentioned here.

Product basket

  • Domestic mutual funds (all AMCs)
  • Capital Markets - direct equity and ETFs
  • Fixed Deposits of companies
  • PMS products (Third party & NJ)
  • Government/ RBI/ Infrastructure bonds
  • Residential & commercial properties

Partner Services

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Marketing & Sales support
  • Research support
  • Training & Education support
  • Dedicated Customer Care / Query management support
  • Technological support, including online business / 'Partners Desk' with CRM & Employee Management modules

Customer Services:

Online family "Client Desk" enabling single portfolio view of 'entire' wealth portfolio Trading & Demat Account with online transacting & call-&-trade service in mutual funds, direct equity & ETF

Reach us at:

Website: www.njwealth.in
Email: njwealth@njgroup.in
Data as on 30/11/2021

Asset Management

NJ has ventured in asset management business with NJ Asset Management Private Limited, a group company, launching its discretionary PMS products.

At the heart of NJ Advisory Services is the idea to provide customers with solutions that give them the freedom from active management of investments while having an assurance that we would be doing so in the best possible manner. Our conviction, matched by our passion and expertise, is all about ensuring the peace of mind of the investor. The PMS products currently offered are aimed at meeting investor's need for successful long-term wealth creation by following strategies that control risk and optimise returns in a mutual fund portfolio.

NJ Advisory Services leverages upon with its rich experience in portfolio management with in-depth knowledge & expertise in mutual funds. The decisions on the mutual fund portfolio also combine results of time tested proprietary research models, extensive due-diligence of fund houses, interactions with fund managers & internal risk controls. The defined processes and smart use of technology further ensures that the investors are offered with quality portfolio management and administrative services, ensuring a complete peace of mind.


  • Freedom Portfolio:
    Objective: To stay invested in equity mutual fund schemes at all times, deliver superior portfolio returns by selecting better performing schemes and encashing on opportunities offered by markets.
  • Dyanamic Asset Allocation Portfolio
    Objective: To give better risk adjusted returns by deciding right proportion of Equity and Debt asset classes from time to time, and selecting consistently better performing mutual fund schemes.

Key customer services:

  • Online Client PMS Desk with daily update reports
  • Reporting on monthly, quarterly & annual basis through email and hard copies

The existing customers of NJ Wealth Partners can approach them for more details.

Reach us at:

Website: www.njpms.in
Email: info@njpms.in

Insurance Broking

NJ Insurance Brokers Private Limited, a licensed insurance broker by IRDA, seeks to provide customers with comprehensive solutions catering to their insurance needs.

At the heart of NJ Insurance is the strong vision for continued financial well-being for customers - individuals and families, regardless of any circumstances. The key is to offer 'right' advice which is unbiased and customer centric and encompasses the right risk to insure, the right coverage, the right product and at the right time. The idea to offer clients with comprehensive solutions extends further to cover quality claim settlement and other services.

NJ Insurance leverages from the rich experience of NJ group in financial planning and investment management for customers. NJ Insurance Brokers has appointed Certified Insurance Advisors (CIAs) who work with customers in identifying, fulfilling & managing their insurance needs. NJ offers a comprehensive basket of products both in life & non-life insurance space and makes exhaustive use of technology to deliver great value to customers.

Product basket:

  • Life insurance products from leading life insurers
  • General insurance products, especially Health, Motor & Personal Accident, from leading general insurers

Reach us at:

Website: www.njinsure.in
Email: insurance@njgroup.in

Global Wealth Advisory

NJ Global Invest Limited is a new venture wherein NJ seeks to offer a Global Wealth Advisory platform to advisors for offshore funds across the globe.

The vision at Global Wealth Advisory platform is to offer a single window for investment opportunities across the globe to customers. The idea is to bring to customers a wide range of offshore fund schemes (domiciled in Mauritius, Luxembourg, Dublin and other jurisdictions), through advisors on the Global Wealth Advisory platform. NJ Global Invest seeks to provide a offshore fund distribution platform & offshore Portfolio Advisory services under a B2B distribution model. NJ Global Invest also desires to offer comprehensive order routing and trade settlement facility with support services of client reporting & fees settlement.

NJ Global Invest, is a venture that leverages from rich experience & success of financial products distribution business in India. Incorporated in Mauritius, NJ Global Invest is set up an offshore fund distribution company and is a licensed 'Investment Dealer (Full Service Dealer, excluding underwriting)" by FSC, Mauritius.

Website: www.njglobalinvest.com

Real Estate

The NJ Realty venture offers an integrated service model offering end-to-end services to various stake-holders in realty program management & execution. The idea is to associate with stakeholders and engage actively in various stages of program management, viz. market survey, legal due diligence, land acquisition, planning & execution of projects and managing sales & distribution through NJ Wealth – Financial Products Distributors Network.

Managing realty programs is a lengthy process replete with many challenges right from program identification to marketing. As a developer, investor or land owner, one may be keen to execute realty projects, but may not be equipped with the right skill-sets, contacts, experience and/or know-how for the undertaking. This is where NJ Realty can associate and help in shaping up the realty programs. NJ Realty has acquired considerable experience in program management and is also currently engaged in multiple programs playing diverse roles.

At the heart of NJ Realty is the philosophy of sustainability and preservation of environment. Going beyond words, NJ Realty seeks to keep environment as one of the focal points in it's real estate business.

Reach us at:

Website: www.njindiarealty.in
Email: realty@njgroup.in

Information Technology

NJ Technologies, is a latest venture by NJ wherein we aim to provide quality technology solutions to businesses in a wide range of domains.

NJ started its journey in technology with the start of Finlogic Technologies (India) Private Limited, a group company, in year 2002. The idea then was to develop software applications to support the growing (financial services) distribution business and manage the IT infrastructure. Over the years, the captive IT team, gained strong domain expertise and skills in diverse areas and technology domains. Today, Finlogic team boasts of over 270+ employees with skills & rich experience in product development, software testing, infrastructure management, R&D, project management & information security. The entire NJ Group's internal systems and infrastructure is managed by Finlogic which also has developed many state-of-the art, proprietary applications that power NJ's businesses.

NJ Technologies now seeks to leverage these in-house skills & expertise to help other businesses find solutions for their business challenges. At NJ Technologies, we are keen to adopt the latest and the best practices from the industry in delivering solutions that really work for businesses.

Solutions for businesses:

  • Infrastructure Set-up and Management
  • Database Management
  • Customised Application Development
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Information Security

Reach us at:

Website: www.njtechnologies.in
Email: technology@njgroup.in

Data as on 20/03/2015

"Re:fresh" an initiative of NJ group is an attempt towards healthy living.


"Refresh Wellness Private Limited" a NJ group company announces its foray into distribution of Organic food products.

Changing life style has become a threat to healthy living and is majorly responsible for inviting diseases at an early age, to overcome the threat of growing diseases and promoting healthy living Refresh Wellness is glad to introduce "Refresh" by providing variety of organic food items at your doorstep.

The bouquet of products include Everyday Cereal, Grains and Flours, Dalia & Atta, Dals, Spices, Garam Masala, Edible Oils & Ghee, Tea, Coffee, Sugar & Jaggery, Poha, Peanuts, Chana Roasted, Food For Your Health, Flavoring Indian Spices, Pasta, Snacks, Dry Fruits and many others.

Refresh products are certified by the most reputed and accredited agencies in the world.

Food Safety Management Standards are adhered for the purpose of offering superior quality of food products.

Reach us at:

Website: www.refreshyourlife.in
free Consultation at: info@refreshyourlife.in

Associate with Q interior designer network....


Q is a One Stop Solution to fulfill all needs of an Interior Designer...

An exclusive platform providing Furniture & Interior solutions for all types of residential buildings, offices, hospitals and schools.

Reach us at:

Website: www.qinterior.in
free Consultation at: inquiry@qinterior.in

NJ Capital

NJ Capital Private Limited, a registered Non Banking Finance Company, is focused on fulfilling the credit requirements of retail borrowers. The company currently offers loans against securities though a completely digitised process and is working to provide it's clients a wide range of financing options to meet all their needs

Website: www.njcapital.in
Email: grievance@njgroup.in

NJ Charitable Trust

NJCT is a registered public charitable trust sponsored by NJ India Invest Private Limited based at Surat. It is a non-religious and non-political foundation registered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Trust is committed to the welfare of people from the most underprivileged strata of society without distinction of caste, creed or color. Its emphasis is on assisting the children who are the citizens of tomorrow to help them take a smooth journey throughout their education life.

The flagships program run under the trust ensures the access to quality education by providing the necessary means and materials to the children living in poverty.

Website: www.njtrust.org

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