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The NJ Gurukul is a venture aimed at providing valuable training & education support to the young, emerging talent pool in India. Started in year 2008, NJ Gurukul today offers a very wide range of training programs across India in all major cities.

NJ Gurukul is about a vision that aspires to nurture the young talent in India and to transform them into individuals with knowledge & skills for employment and enterprise. With special focus on the financial advisors community, NJ Gurukul today, is a leading provider of training programs in the financial services industry. NJ Gurukul offers a wide range of training programs by way of part / full time classroom sessions being conducted at multiple locations across India. NJ Gurukul has an institutionalised, process driven approach to training with focus on delivering uniformity in quality & content.

The NJ Gurukul has a Board of Trainers with over 35 well qualified, professional trainers empanelled across India for delivering training programs. Within a short time, NJ Gurukul has trained over 35,000 participants in over 80 locations across India. NJ Gurukul is an authorised Education Provider (EP) with FPSB India to deliver training for the prestigious Certified Financial Planner - CFPCM Certification. NJ Gurukul is also amongst the largest trainers of Mutual Fund Distributors in India.

Key Training Programs:

  • Mutual Fund Distributors Certification by NISM for prospective NJ Wealth Distributors
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) Certification by FPSB India


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Data as of February, 2014