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Interview Guidelines

Preparation is an important part of the interview process. The following are some tips on what you can do to prepare yourself for a job interview.

  • Review the Job Specification and Position Description. Profile knowledge and job profile clarity is expected. It is expected that you are aware of the exact role you are to play in the organisation.
  • Learn more about the organization by visiting our web page. You should be aware of the name of the company. You are expected to follow all the instructions given in offer letter.
  • Review your résumé and be prepared to discuss your relevant skills. Be clear about your experience and the projects mentioned in your resume.
  • Bring extra copies of your résumé and a notebook.
  • Dress for Success - Appearance should reflect maturity and self-confidence. Be neat, clean, and dress in good taste.
  • Find out where the interview will be, obtain clear directions, and confirm the time. Plan to arrive 10- 15 minutes early.
  • When in the interview, relax! Think of the interview as a conversation, not an interrogation.
  • Be enthusiastic, confident, courteous, and honest.
  • Listen to the questions carefully and give clear, concise, and thoughtful answers.
  • Convey interest in the profile for which you are being interviewed and also display a thorough knowledge of the position.
  • Ask relevant questions about the job or department.
  • End the interview with a firm handshake and thank the interview panel for their time and consideration.

We look for only those individuals who have absolutely clear and fixed career goals. So be very clear on what career path you aspire to follow.