Why NJ?

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Work Environment

Enthusiasm, Enterprise, Education and Ethics form the four pillars at NJ. At NJ one can witness the vibrant energy, enthusiasm and the enterprising drive to excel flowing freely throughout the organisation, which comprises of a young and dynamic team. Agression to work and passion to succeed go hand in hand here. At NJ can also experience the creativity, one-to-one responsiveness, collaborative approach and passion for delivering value.

At NJ, we value our people. We are in the business of Financial Products and Real Estate Products distribution through our wide web of Partners .Trust and goodwill form the fundamental basis of our relationships. This not only demands thorough professional knowledge and an enchanting personality, but also calls for a missionary zeal to help others.

At NJ people evolve to be more effective, efficient, and result oriented. Knowledge is inherent due to the education-centric approach and the experience in handling different clients groups across diverse product profiles.

NJ understands that the people are the most important assets of the company and it is not the company that grows but the people. NJ hence undertakes rigorous training and educational activities for enhancing the entire team at NJ. NJ also believes in the 'Learning through Responsibility' concept for its employees.

For people at NJ success is not a new word, but is a regular stepping-stone to realising the one vision that everyone shares.