Why NJ?

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Nuturing Talent

NJ nurtures the talent in people and enables them to grow to their full potential by offering opportunities which enable young professionals to hone their skills and shape their career. It provides various platforms for developing multiple skills, exposure to best practices backed with appropriate training and development inputs for employees to excel.

NJ offers employees an ideal environment to progress their careers and enhance their skills. The atmosphere is that of knowledge generation and sharing. High corporate standards require matching talent to meet the organizational goals and aspirations. We aim to provide employees with an invigorating and professional work environment based on respect, openness and trust. Excellence, Speed, Responsibility & Commitment are some of the virtues that we expect from our employees.

We have a culture, wherein employees are encouraged to be innovative and responsible. Every employee enjoys freedom to work within broadly defined boundaries. There is a supportive, healthy work culture where everyone is treated equally.

The atmosphere is friendly, and the management is always around to share the happiness and grief of every team member.