Why NJ?

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Working With NJ - A Rewarding Experience

Various reasons account for making working with NJ a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Professional Growth
Performance is the key element that matters at NJ, when it comes to rising up the corporate ladder. NJ has a transparent policy of recognising and rewarding deserving people. Many of those who occupy top positions in the organisation today have worked their way up. Our performance management systems ensure that the credit goes to those who deserve it.

Personal Growth
Qualities like leadership, communication skills, negotiating skills and an impressive personality get developed automatically, largely due to the contagiously professional atmosphere and rigorous training programmes at NJ.

Job Satisfaction
A true spirit of philanthropy is at the heart of everything that we do. Our efforts are aimed at genuinely helping people. It obviously feels great to know that you've been of help to someone.

Endless Opportunities
We lay a lot of emphasis on continuing education. Every team member is encouraged to undergo professional training. Skill-building workshops and meets are also organised from time to time. We offer leadership programs, management training, and team building opportunities to further encourage professional growth. Specially designed English Communication programmes are provided to employees.

Value-Driven Organisation
NJ is today a respected name, primarily due to the strict adherence to values such as honesty and ethics. Qualities of sincerity, fair play, leadership and initiative are strongly encouraged.

Place for the zealous and the excellent
At NJ, quality is the watchword in every sphere of activity. That's why we have a rigorous screening procedure. Once selected, every employee is treated like a family member. Ours is a combination of disciplined yet friendly working environment. Any deserving person, who has a zeal to work and excel will always find a place here. No wonder, many of our team members have been with us for years.

Every employee is given a chance to excel, and the efforts of every performer are recognised. NJ ensures that all employees are adequately rewarded for the efforts put in. We regularly organise trips to various exotic locations in India and abroad for our top performers.